A Michael Gathara Project

Instagram Polls

Conducted on @michael.gathara

Pool of ~200 participants

For funzies

Who won the first debate?

Biden: 73%

Trump: 27%

Who would you like to win presidency?

Biden: 74%

Trump: 26%

Who do you support

Biden: 80%

Trump: 20%

Who's winning 2020

Biden: 58%

Trump: 42%

Do you want Trump to die?

No: 86%

Yes: 14%

The Death Penalty Should Be?

Illegal: 57%

Legal: 43%

Abortion should be?

Legal: 80%

Illegal: 20%

Do you Invest?

No: 56%

Yes: 44%

What's MDot News?

The story goes.
I got bored one night and well MDot News was born. It's been a journey. Started as a news source for un-biased news with political leaning indicators by each article then it became a market news source with political lean and sentiment analysis score per article. I ended both of those projects and kept this domain for future use. Currently just a resting place for my data

Instagram Polling?

*Not to be used as scientific or political data* please
If you do use it please quote "MDot News"

Here are two giraffes


Much better :)

Picture Credit: My right hand

More Photography? @capturedby.nm